Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile Using Veeners

Requirements for a Hollywood Smile using veneers are that all teeth including molars are present and that they are properly laid out. If they are not, we would recommend that patients get braces to fix their teeth beforehand.

At SmileHome, we take immense pleasure in creating a Hollywood Smile for patients using veneers. This is because it is the least invasive process to transforming your smile into a Hollywood Smile.

Hollywood Smile Crowns & Bridges

The most common case is to achieve Hollywood Smile by placing crowns and bridges on natural teeth. This has a slight degree of complexity, between the use of veneers and the use of implants with dental crowns. We use this technique when the patient has at least half of the teeth in good condition, while the other half has a healthy root and is large enough to place them in the crowns. In an area where one or two teeth are missing, the bridge can be used without major complications, but if many teeth are missing, then it is necessary to introduce implants that will serve as a method of preparation. for a more complex prosthetic piece. Work.

Hollywood Smile Using Implants

In our daily practice, we usually access Hollywood Smile through implants because most patients do not have enough teeth, and especially enough healthy teeth for a veneer, crown, or bridge made by Hollywood Smile. First, the roots and teeth are to be extracted were first removed because they will not be usable in the final work. This means that the patient may be partially or completely toothless before the implants are placed in the wells where the teeth are. You can read more about creating a Hollywood smile with implants in the next section.